Islands and Ships is a casual puzzle game.

In Islands and Ships, two simple rules make a challenging logic puzzle game in which Mine sweeper meets Sudoku.

Can you find all the ships? Use logic and combination to find out where there are ships and where there are none.
The easy to understand tutorial teaches you the game in few minutes. Over 1700 levels of different difficulties with over 100 new coming every day make sure you never run out of challenges.
With unlimited free hints and optional assistance systems you get better each time you play.
You can pause at any time just by pressing your phone’s home button without losing any progress, so you can play for hours and hours as well as just a few minutes.
If try and error is what you are into, save the board with one click and go back later with another.
With no timer ticking, Islands and Ships is a great relaxing puzzle game which you can play at your own pace.


  • Only two simple rules make a challenging game
  • Easy to understand tutorial
  • Over 1700 levels
  • Over 100 new levels every day
  • No timer – play at your own pace
  • Pause any time – just hit the home button
  • Unlimited hints to help you
  • Assistance systems
  • Undo mistakes
  • Save and revert to try out solutions
  • Additional easy levels
  • Islands
  • Ships
  • A lot of sea