Islands and Ships is a casual puzzle game coming to the App Store and Google Play later this year.
In Islands and Ships, you analyse clues to place ships. Each level starts with a number of islands, each telling you how many ships it should see.
You then place ships or mark places as empty until you have solved the level. You can never place ships next to each other though, as they may start a battle.
A level is complete when you have managed to place your ships so that each island sees the correct number of ships and no two ships are in fire range to each other.

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  • Over 1700 built in levels
  • Daily level packs
  • Unlimited hints
  • Optional assistant systems
  • Easy level packs for beginners
  • Level sizes 5×5 up to 12×12
  • Optimized for battery life
  • Start a level, continue later
  • Offline play
  • Nice animations
  • Ships
  • Islands
  • A lot of sea